U11s Lions

The Lions under 11 team came together from two different teams. We now have a well gelled fighting force or as others say a team of like minded individuals. Actually it’s really a lovely group of friends! Our aim is purely enjoyment and having fun. It is nice to win but even that’s not the reason we get together on cold Saturday and Sunday mornings. It’s about comradeship, team spirit and a love for the beautiful game. Our parents and wives are also a key part of our team. If you play against us some of the parents may even offer you some freshly cut oranges! We take the respect rules seriously but we hope you feel free to shout enthusiastically for your team so long as you compliment our players on good play. We will alway clap your team’s great passes, saves and goals. Safe journey to Fleet. Really look forward to you coming to Fleet. Voted one of the best places to live in the UK, but also one of the friendliest places to play football.

Match Reports

No reports to show for Under 10s Lions, sorry.