Safeguarding children

At Fleet Town Colts child welfare and safety is paramount and at the centre of any Club decision. The Club’s Welfare Officer ensures that the Club is child-centred and is a fun, safe environment, they also have a duty to ensure that they are clear about the clubs’ and leagues’ responsibilities when running activities for children and young people.

The Welfare Officer helps those actively involved with children and young people to understand what their duty of care means on a day to day basis At Fleet Town Colts this is done is a variety of ways; the Welfare Officer ensures that all volunteers are DBS checked, that the appropriate Safeguarding and First Aid training is up to date, attend managers meetings and work with the Club Management team.

The FA Respect programme is also something that the Welfare Officer ensures is followed. The Welfare Officer will also attend training and matches.

Please find following details of Fleet Town Colts’ Child Welfare Officer:

Simon MacDowall