Colts Rue Missed Opportunities

Yesterday’s game was a fair result against a good GPR side. We played some good stuff at times and moved the ball down the pitch with some great passing moves, but overall we didn’t trouble the opposition too much on the day. I felt that GPR just had a bit more strength on the ball and a bit more “game intelligence”, something that our boys will learn.

While we didn’t play at our best we did a lot of good things and some of the one touch passing through the middle of the park did open up GPR on serval occasions and we created some good opportunities throughout the match.

All the boys showed great effort and didn’t stop working throughout the match. Even in the last few minutes they were pushing forward and I think we were unlucky not to have got a goal over the course of the 50 minutes.

Man of the Match – Will had a busy morning’s work and pulled off some great saves
Effort Award – Harvey – another busy performance from Harvey, showing good energy and determination

Thanks to Steve and Nikki for the fruit