FA Respect Programme

Fleet Town Colts has signed up to The FA Respect Programme and we are doing our best to combat unacceptable behaviour in our game at every level – on the pitch and from the sidelines.  We hope that Respect will ensure a safe, positive environment for everyone to enjoy football.  For all our home games we are enforcing the Designated Spectators Area.

The spectators’ area will start two metres from the touchline on one side of the pitch (designated by a row of cones) along the full length of the pitch. This means no-one should be watching from behind the goals.  All spectators must at all times remain behind the cones. This allows the coaches of both teams to stand on the other side of the pitch, meaning players get instructions from just one side of the pitch.

We thank you for your help and support in ensuring our children are able to play football in a safe, enjoyable environment free of abuse, bullying and discrimination.