Training Policy

Training is the most important part of what we do at the Club. We provide expert training from qualified instructors, managers and coaches educated to, at least, Level 1 FA certificate of coaching, ensuring that we maximize our players understanding of the game, the principals of team attainment and build on their inherent strengths. This we provide in a safe and friendly atmosphere using the best equipment and facilities.

Training is given from July to April each year on Saturday mornings primarily at Calthorpe Park but also for some squads at Southwood, Peter Driver and the Aldershot Army Hockey Centre.

Saturday Club for U5s & U6s children (year 1 & reception at school), is available at Calthorpe Park from early July each summer. For further information visit the Saturday club page here.

Training Issues

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the training sessions are as informative, safe and enjoyable as possible, there are various codes, which must be observed by parents and players. These exist to ensure the safety of the children. The managers and coaches will happily take responsibility for the players, under their supervision, provided that these codes are adhered to.

Training Codes

  • All players whether registered or using “day membership” must provide contact details, emergency contact details and any information concerning medical history
  • Children, whether playing or not are not to be left at the sessions without a parent or guardian present, or without the allocation of a willing and responsible deputy, who has made themselves known to the coach or manager. The coach or manager cannot act as a deputy except by prior arrangement
  • Children whether playing or not must not go off on their own during or after sessions
  • Day members must ensure that they have paid weekly fees, to ensure that they are covered by the club insurance policy
  • All players must wear appropriate footwear, laced and studded football boots for grass work and trainers for artificial surfaces. Secured shin pads, from above the ankle to below the knee covered completely by stockings. Appropriate clothing for likely weather conditions to allow for play and any periods of inactivity
  • Players must have available liquid refreshment
  • Parents and guardians must ensure that they arrive in good time to collect their children, should they have left them. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to ensure that the manager or coach is aware, prior to leaving, of anyone authorized to collect their child and children will not be released to unauthorized persons
Managers and coaches are prohibited, under the terms of the Child Protection Policy, from being alone with children not directly related to them. If any club official finds himself or herself in such a position or have a child who has no responsible parent, guardian or willing deputy with them then the following process will take place.
  1. Attempt to reach parents / guardians on contact telephone
  2. If this fails then there will be an attempt to arrange collection using the emergency telephone number
  3. If this fails then the police or social services will be contacted and the child surrendered into their care

Violations of these codes will result in the exclusion of the child and parents/guardians from the club, with no refund of any monies paid, until the manager or coach is satisfied that the matter has been taken in hand.

In the event of training being cancelled for any reason at short notice the manager or appointed deputy will attempt to inform by telephone, but assume that training will take place at agreed times unless informed otherwise. Please do not call the organisers on Saturday mornings to check if training is to take place.

The following check list is provided for your information on what equipment should be taken to training sessions and official matches.

Check List of Home and Away Equipment
  • Sufficient Drink (preferably still) • Energy Snack • Any emergency medication (ensure that regular medicines are taken before fixtures) • List of Emergency contact numbers • Warm hat • Gloves • Warm Jacket and over trousers • Rain proof Jacket • Change of clothes (if raining) • Towel • Change of footwear

Fleet Town Colts reserve the right to exclude any children, from its activities, should they arrive without adequate kit or provision.