Fleet Town Colts Health & Safety Policy

Fleet Town Colts FC is committed to high standards of health and safety. It is our policy, as a football club, to maintain these high standards and to encourage all persons associated with the club (including players, managers, coaches, parents together with those persons and supporters of visiting teams) to provide a safe environment for the development of the children playing football.

While there are inherent risks associated with any form of contact sport, Fleet Town Colts FC will ensure that these risks are minimised by:

  • Ensuring that training and playing venues are fit for the purpose
  • Ensuring that all equipment used during training and official matches is well maintained and fit for purpose
  • Refusing to allow players to train or play without appropriate kit, particularly shin-pads, boots appropriate for the paying surface or if they are deemed unfit to play through health reasons
  • Ensuring people who hold recognised football coaching certificates will oversee training and matches
  • Ensuring that at least one qualified First Aider will be in attendance at all training sessions and official matches and that a fully equipped Medical Kit is available at all times
  • Maintaining “Family Details and Emergency Contacts” and ensuring Managers/Coaches have access to these at all training sessions and matches
  • Holding details of any disabilities and illness that a player may suffer from and having procedures agreed with Parents and Guardians to treat any conditions which may arise while playing or training
  • Maintaining Club Child Protection Policy and Code of Conducts and ensuring that they are adhered toEnsuring that the recommendations concerned with duration of play are adhered to, and that adequate rest breaks are allowed during training and official matches
  • The safety of all persons associated with the club is of paramount importance but particularly so, minors. While all managers, coaches, referees and First Aiders will be the subject of checks to ensure compliance to the club’s Child Protection Policy, parents need to consider that many games are in public places and ensure their children are aware of the possible associated dangers.
  • All Club Officials are screened as to their appropriateness to have responsibility for training children, however, parents and guardians also have a responsibility to act on the decisions made on their children’s behalf by the Club.