Fleet Town Colts Child Protection Policy

Fleet Town Colts FC’s first consideration is always for the welfare of its young players. It will endeavour to protect the rights and safety of all of the club members, with specified procedures relating to the following considerations:All Club Officials and Registered Supervisors, will be subject to a Self-Declaration of their suitability to act on the Clubs behalf and be bound, as parents, by the Parental Code of Conduct.

  • The Colts will ensure that all of the players are officially registered, and that they, their parents, guardians and related spectators, have signed the Code of Conduct before they may participate in Club activities
  • The Colts will ensure that all pertinent medical information, concerning its members, is supplied at initial registration and kept by the relevant Registered Supervisor whilst the player is under Club protection. The Colts, however, must be kept aware as changes to these details take place
  • The Colts reserves the right for its Registered Supervisors, to act in any manner, which they feel will protect the members in their charge, including the administering of first aid and seeking further medical advice, without further consent from parents or guardians, and will ensure that a first “aider”, trained, at least, to the FA’s Emergency First Aid standard is present during training and officially organised games
  • The Colts will ensure that all equipment and facilities are safe and well maintained
  • The Colts will ensure, wherever possible, that no single Registered Supervisor has charge of more than 15 young players, without support, and that they are, unless part of the family, never alone with a single young player
  • The Colts will ensure, wherever possible, that all Registered Supervisors have received or are receiving appropriate training to a relevant level
  • The Colts will ensure, wherever possible, that if toilet and / or changing facilities are available then young players are supervised, in their use, by a helper of the same sex, who has signed the Code of Conduct
  • The Colts will ensure that young players are never left unsupervised
  • The Colts reserves the right to expel any person in breach of this policy or the Code of Conduct, including bullying and abuse of match officials, and pursue any means to maintain this expulsion for the protection of the remaining club members
  • The Colts will endeavour to ensure that any approaches made by professional scouts or other persons, outside the organisation, are made through the relevant Registered Supervisor and not directly to any member