About Our Policies

Why do we have a policy?

Fleet Town FC, as the focal point of professional football in the locality, has developed an exciting youth football facility known as Fleet Town Colts (referred to as the Colts), which offers competitive football to the young boys and girls of Fleet and its surrounding areas, and introduces children, under 6 upwards to football with a friendly “start up” training facility.

From modest beginnings the Colts has grown to be the largest local youth club, regularly attracting some 300 players to weekly training sessions and hosting as many as twelve competitive games on match days. We want to ensure that the Colts offers all its playing members the ability to enjoy football in a fun and safe environment. A child protection policy is a key element of this. Also as a Charter Standard club we are obliged by the terms of the charter to ensure that we have an effective child protection policy.

What are the aims of our policy?

The Colts aims to provide a chance for young people to learn and play football in a structured environment, encouraging the development of the players’ individual skills, their sense of team attainment and the concept of fair play. This is best achieved in a safe environment and the behaviour of all club members is controlled in a way not restricting the activities that they enjoy. Our Policy manages this behaviour.

Who does the policy involve?

For any good policy, to work effectively everyone, who has an interest in the activities of the organisation, must be involved. Therefore, all Club Officials, active holders of the Squad Management, Coaching and Supervisory positions together with the First “Aiders”, Referees and other helpers (referred to as Registered Supervisors), have their part to play, as do the players, their parents, guardians and related spectators.

When are we under protection of the policy?

The Colts must reserve the right to inform any relevant authority, if information comes to its attention concerning the safety of a club member outside its normal activities.

Otherwise the members are protected during the set training periods, officially organised matches and events and when traveling to and from those matches and events, where the parents or guardians are not present.

If you have any suspicion of abuse or breach of this policy please contact, in the first instance: Fleet Town Colts FC Child Welfare Officer.

Contact details can be found on the Safeguarding children page here.