Panthers triumph in Wey Valley Tournament!

Having lost in heart breaking circumstances in the semi-final in our first tournament of the year last week, we were determined to do even better in our second and final tournament before the summer break. We started very well and all the boys were on their ‘A’ game from the first minute of the first match. Producing some quite fantastic attacking football, some of which drew gasps of appreciation from the watching spectators and not just our own parents either! We progressed through the group stages and then in to the quarter finals. The boys triumphed in the quarters and played quite majestically and utterly dominated good opposition. Then we faced the group winners in the semi-final, determined to be victorious over a team that had become our fiercest rivals on the day. Despite another scintillating performance it was level after extra time. With the opposition cheering at the end of extra time because they knew they had been very lucky to cling on. The boys were focussed. We had a strategy for our penalties this week and we didn’t want to go out again with the final so close. This week it was difference, some great saves and some fantastic penalties ended up with our magnificent keeper taking and scoring the winning penalty. We were through to the final and the boys had well and truly got that particular monkey off their shoulder!

The final was up against a team of giants. I am sure that I had played against a few of the in the local men’s league! A very tense game where we out played and out fought much bigger men. With the small goals making it hard to get past their huge keeper, we went in to extra time. Only 2 minutes separating us from another dreaded penalty shootout. I can safely say neither I, nor any of the parents, could handle another shootout. Some final words of encouragement were said and the boys entered extra time with renewed vigour. Seconds counted down and then we struck, another fantastic move capped off with a fine, brave finish. Seconds remained and the boys gave everything and more to keep out the opposition. Then the whistle blew and it was over, Fleet Town Colts Panthers had won the Wey Valley Tournament. What a way to end the season and go in to a well-deserved summer break.